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Study While at School

Want to study a beauty course while still at school? With VET you can!

VET is a government scheme that allows school students to study, while still at school, at Registered Training Organisations, like Bellevue Beauty. Instead of going to school for one day a week you study at Bellevue Beauty.

The following courses are available to study under the VET School Program (payment plans are available):

Participating in VET can:

  • Provide credit points towards the attainment of a Queensland Certificate of Education External Link, and/or the attainment of a nationally recognised VET qualification
  • Support your transitions to employment, vocational and higher education pathways

Other benefits of participating in VET include:

  • Obtaining practical experience from work
  • Gaining familiarity on how workplaces operate
  • Developing employability skills
  • Developing and improving interpersonal skills
  • Allowing you to explore a potential career path you would like to pursue

Please click here for more information on VET or please contact your local Bellevue Beauty academy.