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Support Services

Assistance is available in a range of the areas such as language, literacy and numeracy, and for people with a disability. For more information, please refer to our disability and support services policy and procedures.


Government assistance in the form of Youth Allowance, Austudy and ABSTUDY is available for eligible students studying certificate level courses full time at the Academy. Note that some of these schemes are means tested and open to students in specific age groups. ABSTUDY is only available to students of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. Contact Centrelink for more information and to see if you are eligible for any of these schemes.

Note: Since 01 January 2018, students commencing in diploma level courses are not eligible for Centrelink assistance any more.

AACM Centrelink number: 4p036


Full time students who enrol in courses that are a minimum of three (3) months in length, full time receive a student ID card. Students wanting an ID card will be required to provide Bellevue Beauty with a passport photograph at the time of their enrolment.


Full time students (students with a student ID card) in Queensland are eligible for student travel concessions or travel by train, ferry, city cat and bus. To qualify for a Tertiary Transport Card, students must attend their approved educational institution for a minimum period of 12 hours per week for the duration of the course. The course duration must be a minimum period of three months or 12 weeks.

For detailed information on public transport in Brisbane and around Queensland, visit the Translink website which provides information on current public transport fares, transport zones, journey planning and time tabling information for buses, trains and ferries.

Our TTCC registration number is RTO-046-14.